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Super Mario Galaxy 3 Beginning

2009-07-03 13:04:18 by J-bit

Well, the first episode is done! Written by yours truly.
I'm glad most of the viewers enjoyed it. More episodes will come. Of course, they will be longer.
Super Mario Galaxy 3: Fawful's Return Ep.1


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2009-09-07 00:38:54



2009-09-25 09:53:28

Hey, J-Bit! ;D

Thanks for posting in my homepage.
Anyway, it does look promising but for the meantime, I'm totally busy with Parallel Memories and my daily life, so I can't really help you now. ;_;

It seriously looks great and choose animators, who doesn't do anything Dragonball Z-related. ;D
You will get more haters, if that's the case.

Kudos to Spriteanimator and TimmiGrimmi. They are good.
A lil bit of practise and they would be perfect for the job. =D

I recommend to animate with 24 FPS though.

Anyway, I want to apologize again for not being any help.
I can vote your stuff, but that's all unfortunately.

I wish you success to your series. It's very good. ;-)

~Ultra Director of Nintentrix